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As a professional hypnotherapist, I ensure that all my client's receive the best and most appropriate therapy  to help them achieve the positive outcome they desire, as well as ensuring that they feel comfortable and safe during therapy. It is important for a client to choose the therapist that they feel is right for them, and therefore, if after browsing my website, you feel that I am the right therapist for you, please feel free to give me a call for an informal chat, or alternatively e-mail me with any questions you may have. 


"People do not come into therapy to change their past but their future"

         -Milton H Erickson 

Hypnosis is a completely natural state that most people experience to some degree in their everyday lives. Have you ever been driving your car and not been able to recall certain parts of your journey? Or been so engrossed in a book or film that you've become unaware of anything else going on around you? If so, you have almost certainly experienced a state of hypnotic trance. 


In hypnotherapy, the client and therapist work together, utilising hypnosis and the power of the subconscious mind to effect beneficial and positive, lasting change for the client.

The list of issues that hypnotherapy can help with is almost endless, but includes:




Confidence issues



Weight management

Smoking cessation


Compulsions / addictions

Sleep disorders


Pain management

Sexual dysfunction

Exams / tests


As each client and their issue(s) is unique, each session is specifically tailored to the client's needs, using a combination of hypnotherapy, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Kinetic Shift to help you achieve your desired goal.



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